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Bad Mead

We’ve been working on getting Mad Bread back into gear. Or at leaast what will become of us after Nate moved. Thankfully, all three of us are still excited to see what we end up doing. We’ve gotten together every Sunday since he left. Nate Howell should start drumming with us regularly this week.

We know that the sound will have to change, but first we’ll have to be able to cover the material. That means Adam and I stepping up on vocals for Nate. To help rehearse this, I’ll be covering Mad Bread songs this year. That will also give me a good drumming project to work on.


Anyway was one of out first songs. Joel sang it and I’m pretty sure wrote the lyrics. I think Nate worked out the first version of the song with him.

This isn’t much changed from the original vewrsion. I played a faxcimile of Carl’s electric guitar parts during the verses. Added a distorted part for the chorus. Mandoln and Banjo are out completely.

I replaced the opening guitar with a short fiddle phrase. That and the drums give it a slightly different feel. This is certainly helping me with the new songs. I’ll close out a few from Southport n’ Eddy first.