At My Most Beautiful
Up | 1998
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Expanding the Sounds

Got some early gold from wikipedia

“At My Most Beautiful” is performed in the key of F major. There are several main chord progressions in the song: the introduction is Fmaj7–D–G minor, while the verse follows a I–III–IV–II chord sequence and the chorus ascends using a II–III–IV–V progression. In the mix, tubular and sleigh bells are heard in the right channel (with their reverberation reaching into the left), piano and bass guitar (both played in quarter note patterns) as well as bass harmonica are heard in the left, and guitar and Mike Mills’ backing vocals are centered…

Garageband is notable light on Harmonica and orchestral percussion. I’m considering purchansing a harmonica instrument for this one. That and the tubular bells are pretty crucial here. Not to mention the timpani.

I should be able to play the cello parts on my NS bass. This one is only possible since I’m going home next week. I’ll be tackling this one and “Hope” at the same time to make up for not having any guitars with me. I will have access to my old piano, which is probably crazy out of tune. I’ll be putting down all non vocal, synth and piano track before heading out later this week. Happy Up month!