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2022 Music Project

I found out late last year that my sister is a really good singer. We decided to put togethre some tracks as a 2022 project. After a quick uke cover for her boyfriend on New Year’s Eve, we moved oon to a jazzy cover of Fiona Apple’s “Criminal”.

So far, I’ve recorded Upright Bass, Drums, Guitar and Keyboard Vibes / Glock / Synth for the backing part. I get a quick scratch vocal take from Laurie when we visited her last week. Next time I see her in person, we’ll finish it with a better practiced vocal take. After this, We’ll start another cover, but I’ll also start putting together some ideas for original songs.

Drum / Guitar Project 2022?

Cissy Strut was finished as I planned. Drums have been my main focus for the year so far. I’ve gotten about an hour of practice in a day. Andy likes it when I play in the next room after putting him to bed.

Nate recently let us know that he’s moving to Maine in April. It means the end of Mad Bread as we were after almost 20 years. Its a little frustrating as we just had our first show back after the lockdown. That plus we finally got a replacement drummer for Mark and began working on tracks for the next album.

I might start playing with a guy from work and his frinds as a drummer. More on that if it solidifies.