Driver 8
Fables of the Reconstruction | 1985
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Touring Through My Past with REM

This and Radio Free Europe were two of the first songs I learned on guitar. My dad got “Green” and “Eponymous” when we moved to CDs. This would have been around 1991, making Green the only music of the day I was into. at 13, I was still only listening to Classical, Jazz and Weird Al.

Having no older siblings, I was very imressionable by my parents’ tastes. My mom and I listened to Simon & Garfunkel, Beatles and Peter Paul & Mary. We harmonized in the car along cassettes copied from library loans.

My dad listened to a wide range, but was open to new music as time went on. By the early 90’s, The Cure was his favorite and still is to this day. REM was just one of the occasional CSs played in rotation with Dire Straits, Cure, Beatles and Paul Simon.

I’m not quite certain why REM stood out as something I was more interested in. This shong as always reminded me of that early taime. Eponymous was a very large influence on my music tastes early on. It wasn’t until way later when I knew the full albums behind those songs.