Driver 8
Fables of the Reconstruction | 1985
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False Starts Work

I finished this one quickly over a weekend. Once the bass and drum parts were locked, everything else fell line. The guitar here isn’t nearly as involved as some of the other parts, Most of it follows the chords while the hidden complexity is again in the bass.

I upped the acoustic in my mix. Really liked keeping it under the opening guitar riff. I also didn’t spend too much time focusing in on the harmonica. I just wanted to get a dopplar like effect to evoke trains. Just panning it right with a lot of reverb did fine.

Final Tracks (14)

Vocals (4)

  • Main vocal (2)
  • Backing Vocal (2)

Guitar (5)

  • Acoustic (2)
  • Electric Rhythm (2)
  • Lead & Post-Chorus Riffs

Other (5)

  • Harmonica (2)
  • Robot Drummer
  • Bass (2)

Faithful Cover?

I was less interested in the sound here as the parts. Once I got the bass part close, it really guided me more than the original track.


  • Mike Mills continues to all-star these songs
  • I’m much more comfortable learning these guitart parts than I was a couple months ago

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