Exhuming McCarthy
Document | 1987
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I do not have a typewriter

…or brass for that matter. This one took a while to finish from trying to tune in the guitar and brass sounds. I really couldn’t get anything I liked from the built in Garageband instruments. I ended up using them with the piano hits. Their place in the verses were replaces by an organ. Gotta use something that sounds halfway decent over copying the original version.

I had six diffenent rhythm guitar parts doubled at one point. Overboard. I scaled it back to one main part split on two guitar tones. Distored on the left, cleaner on the right.

The McCarthy hearing overdub was fun to search out and find the right clip. I played the audio from my laptop speaker into a mic.

This song lives by the motown drum style Bill has going on> Its so reminicent of Stevie Wonder’s “Uptight” without being the same beat. Unlike the later Beach Boys pastiches, they don’t try to sing like a Motown band. It suits them well and makes this song more of its own thing.

It is unique-sounding among their upbeat songs. Not as poppy as “Stand” or “Shiny Happy People”. But not their standard rock. It really stands out in that way. I havent listenend to “Document” all the way throrugh in a while. Is this the only album track with horns?