What's the Frequency Kenneth?
Monster | 1994
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Garage Band Arrangement

As far as the arrangement, this is the simplest one of the poject so far. Guitar, Bass and Drums for a tight trio. Vocals on top, no more. Sure, there are a couple double-tracked guitar parts - but overall this is a basic garage band arrangement.

It was immediately a different challenge from the previous songs. I wouldn’t have to play with synths or software instruments to re-create the song. Not even a midi piano track. This one is all about getting the right guitar sound. Vovals on the orignal mixes are so buried that guitar tone took a lead role here. Except for the usual hidden hero.

Silent Hero

I’m so surprised that I never heard the excellent bass part here. It carries the entire song, right out in the open. Mike had so many fills in this one that make the song but get lost in the guitar on this one. It was such a pleasure to learn.

How to Fake Decent Rock Drums With a Robot Buddy in Garageband as a Bassist with No Drum Kit

  1. Get the BPM dialed in
  2. Add sections to completely fill in the arrangement track (intro, verse, chorus…)
  3. Be a good bass player
  4. Play the bass part perfectly to a click track
  5. Add a Drummer Track
  6. Select your drummer style in the library
  7. Dial in the complexity, loudness and instrument patterns for eveery section
  8. Click that “follow” checkbox, set to your bass track
  9. When locked in, copy all regions to a new MIDI software track
  10. Adjust fills and beats manually to taste