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Family cover challenges have begun

I finaly got to the covers challenge project with my family. One at a time, my wife son and daughter are choosing songs for me to cover. Not many rules or timing, just another excercise to get me making music.

My six-year-old son has developed an intense love for the album “Kick” by INXS. He went first and chose the opening track right away. It’s a total rock posturing track by Michael Hutchence. Something I shouldn’t try to replicate here.

I moved the droning guitar to a fuzz bass. Using my upright NS to add some quick slides. Vocals will be much more subduded and an octave down to prevent me from trying to Hutchence it up. Gated drums for the cheese factor and some noodling echo guitar in the back. Wham, thats a quick cover.

This was originally an anti Regan era Star Wars weapons programs. Snide references to big hair and big houses of the time as a load of shit. The message gets pretty lost despite the lyrics being so straight-forward. The overdose of machismo seems to serve the opposite purpose of skewering the 80’s astetic.

Next Up: You are the Sunshine of my Life