Up | 1998
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Early Up Redemption

It was only two years after I had such anticipation for “New Adventures in Hi-Fi”. I didn’t even know they had released a new album. Granted, I was not paying much attention to anything besides school at that time. But a new REM did not even register with me in 1998. To be truthful, an original relase would never exdcite me again. Reisues on vinyl is a differnt story these days.

My friend Del knew what a fan I used to be and made me listen. I heard Airportman and completely checked out. For all but “Hope” that is.

Even during the aughts, I would cite “Hope” as one of the best REM songs. Something about it stuck with me forever. I’m pretty sure the lyrics are what did it to me. These are some of Michael’s best. Growing older while longing for more that we deserve is not a common theme. Same for doubting medical advances. Especially if it means confronting the hubris involves with killing reptiles to prolong life.

Its the show to “Losing My Religion’s” tell. While that song is a more common Michael impressionistic lyric, “Hope” literally brings up losing faith in the song.