New Adventures In Hi-Fi | 1996
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Lost In It

The trouble with making a new version of one of my top rem songs is that I could spend forever on it. I’ve been distracted by some big events. We’re buying a house and are closing soon. So this one was already going to sttew a bit longeer.

After going a week with half an idea and a partially filled in arrangement track, I forced myself to move on. My idea to record this as an earlier version of the band resulted in a picked guiratr part. Its reminicent of Murmur tacks, but that might be it. I’ll be practicing it for a while to gtt it right on this. I’ll also double it on acoustic to have that tone available.

I haven’t gotten to the bass part yet. My hope is to put something from the main riff into it. It will have to be somewhat different than Mike’s part as I sped up my version quite a bit.

I am leaning toward leaving off the synth siren. I’ll likely mess around with how it sounds on mine, but I may just want the new picked part to come out more.