New Adventures In Hi-Fi | 1996
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Final Mix

While this version begain around a Peter inspired jangly riff, it quickly morphed into somehing that would have been more home on ATS or Reveal. I missed the “Murmur version of Leave” by a ton. But I still enjoy this different, speedy but still moody version of the song. Its very reminiscent of the alternate Leave versinon from “A Life Less Ordinary”. Both thave the sustained high B and E string parts. My guess is that riff was similarly constructed to the one I’m using here.

Final Tracks (12)

Vocals (3)

  • Main
  • Low Harmony
  • High Harmony

Guitar (7)

  • Electric Clean Jangle (2)
  • Acoustic Jangle Double (2)
  • Power CHords Throughout
  • Lead Riff
  • Lead Riff Soaked in it for the intro

Other (2)

  • Robot Drummer
  • Bass

Faithful Cover?

No, but that was the goal here. While it sounds nothing like what I entended, I’m still enjoying the final result as an alternate universe Leave.


  • Do not be afraid to get creative here, but finishing the project at this point is the main goal

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