Radio Free Europe
Murmur | 1983
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First the Bass

I enjoy covering songs that are this led by the bass. This makes REM a great choice for me to do this with. If I can start songs like this with a solid bass part, I have a lot more room to play around with everything else.

Guitars have been rough to put togheter here. I’m really unsure of buth the sounds and how many guitars are playing at any time. Again, I get a lot of room from the bass part.

Then the Drums

Robot is still coming next. I’m getting used to learning the bass part cold to a metronome, then getting a reasonable starting point by basing the robot drummer off that bass part. Once I have the drums getting the right feel per section, I copy it to a midi track and lock the original robot. That way I can go back and reset the styles if needed.

I’ll craft the drum fills and intros manually to get closer to Bill’s. I’ll add more tracks as needed if I need to do just crashes orr a didicated percussion part.

In Need of A Full Size Electric

The pre-chorus and bridge runs here are difficult but coming easier to me. I double tracked these across acoustic and electric to blend the sound.

It is so noticeable what a differernce my full-sized acoustic makes. I’m still using Zoey’s 3/4 scale fender electric for all the guitars. My hands are so scrunched up to fit on the fretboard for some chord patters. I really need to get my own. Plus maybe Zoey will start practicing again. Wishful thinking.