Radio Free Europe
Murmur | 1983
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I think this one got a little overdone in the mix. I ended up trying to match the piano and guitars so much that I couldn’t get the overall mix to gel here. I’m glad the bass came out so well, but my lack of guitar & singing ability sank this one.

Final Tracks (17)

Vocals (3)

  • Main vocal
  • Double in places (2)

Guitar (8)

  • Acoustic (2)
  • Electric (4)
  • Verse Power Chops

Drums (3)

  • Robot Drummer
  • Snare
  • Clicks

Other (3)

  • Piano (2)
  • Bass

Faithful Cover?

No, though I got most of the sounds close. There’s still a ton missing in the mix. any of these are going to sound weak compared to Michael. But this one tried to get things too close and the overall cover ended up a bit worse for it.

Next time, I’ll make an effort to streach out and build a new cover of the song.


  • Bass is good

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