Things have heated way up this year at work since April. I’ve only had a few sparse times to work on the application since then. Still… it’s in a great place for now.

I did get Travis set up. It’s nice to have that badge on the readme. I got to spend a couple of weeks at work learning how to unit test in angular.


This is my first time writing tests. I enjoy writing them, but would like more time to work out writing code built for testing. It really opened my eyes to why some coding practices are there. Always return values from functions, write consise but clear code, decouple when possible. DRY. As always… the next one will be better 8 )>

Next Features

I started a couple of significant undertakings on different branches. One was an investegation into uploading tracer images. The other was a start at attempting to replace the HTML squares with SVG.

When I return to ths project, I intend to continue the SVG conversion. I learned a lot recently from working on a project with D3. It was the first time I really used svg graphics. I’m looking forward to using them here as that’s the only way I’ll be bale to implement full backstitching.

Carin was never able to work on the interface design with me. That’s OK, I’m sure I’ll be using Crosstronica for a while. It’s likely that I’ll get frustrated with my own UI and make small changes over time.

Speaking of which, I just finished a piece for Zoey. I started with a pattern I bought from cloudsfactory. I replaced most of the characters with ones that Zoey knows using Crosstronica. It came out great.

Next for me is a move on to react and flux. I’m starting a project app to learn that. This was loads of fun to do. I’ll be back here someday to resurrect this from its graveyard. Thanks for reading!

Made For Zoey