Sad Professor
Up | 1998
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Final Mix

This was a huge departure from the way I usually record. I recorded the acoustic and doumbek parts with two mics - one room and one close SM57. Similarily, there is only one vocal part split into three tracks for mixing volume without having to use so much compression on the verses vs chorus parts. That makes only nine parts in total playing. Definately my smallest arrangement yet.


Without a decent guitar amp, I didn’t wnat to play around with the feedback track. Instead, I replaced it with a synth lead on the open sustained notes. I also used a bass synth and mess around with the envelope filter to get the bass whomp before the last chorus and the end.

Final Tracks (13)

Vocals (3)

  • Main
  • Verse
  • “Jumped up”

Guitar (3)

  • Electric Chorus (1)
  • Acoustic Jangle Double (2)

Other (7)

  • Piano
  • Bass WHOMP synth
  • Doumbek (2)
  • Shaker
  • Bass
  • High Synth (feedback guitar replacement)

Faithful Cover?

No, but that was the goal here. While it sounds nothing like what I entended, I’m still enjoying the final result as an alternate universe Leave.


  • No click track is a great freedom if you can get away without it
  • Playing piano live with the track is so much fun
  • The new studio will help out a ton

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