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Zoey’s First Pick

Carin recently got our daughter into Cake. She likes them so much, she had me cover this as her first pick.

This one was difficult for completely different reasons than the Stevie Wonder cover. The rift is very fast and difficult to play consistantly on beat. I did not allow myself to loop or cut / paste any part of the track - only overdubs when the pauses came in.

The bass part is usually the easiest for me on any song. Not this one. There are so many quick jumps that I gave myself a blister on my lreft pinky. I haven’t had one of those from bass in years!

I only left out a couple of small vocal flourishes in the backgrounds,. The lead vocals were super quick - I only did two takes and kept the entire second one. The vocals are so unique to John McCrea that I didn’t feel like imitating him too closely. Just a spoken word take with my inflections.

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