So Fast, So Numb
New Adventures In Hi-Fi | 1996
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About the Arrangement

I started the first song with a tempo error. The original song is around 108bpm but I put down the first piano and drum tracks down at 115bpm. Good thing I’m not holding myself to making these exactly like the original versions. This will certainly change things up, it will just be a bit more difficult to stay with the pace.

I haven’t recorded any electric guitar since… well probably back in high school. I was amazed to see how good the default effects and amp modlers are a part of garageband. You can use some great starting points for tone and effects, then adjust as much as you want. It didn’t take long to pick a couple of rhythm guitar tones and a solo setting. I even took some time to noodle around with double-tapping riffs. Not that those will make the final track.

Laying the organ part came on top of the electric. That made it easier to go in and replace some of the midi piano parts during the bridge with an unquantized performance.

The acoustic guitar and bass went in last. I don’t think I’ve ever saved bass for the end like that.


Vocals are going to be my biggest issue. I’m fine at backup and harmony vocals, but I don’t have the tone for lead. Part of this project will be to make the best of what I have - and that includes my own take on Stipe’s singing. He has such a unique rhythm when he ties phrases together. I’m not going to do myself any favors by thinking I can perform as well as him.

As I do more of these, I can slowly let myslef learn what I can do as a singer. Sadly, I’ll have to accept some pretty bad takes and mixing as I improve. I am having a great time reading though mixing and recording tips. It was a large part of my life not so long ago. Rememebring why is fun