These Days
Life's Rich Pageant | 1986
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I have less general things to say about the recording process as I go along. I’ll start posting the usual second post as more of a stream of consciousness.

Guitar Layers

Lotsa combined guitar sounds in this one. Used a main sustasined rhythm guitar on the verse and choruss. Separate lead tone for the lead lines. Another doubled track for the intro riff.

I used four tracks for the bridge. Two on the main part - one for the lead notes with a picked backround. I wasn’t quite good enough for the full performance, thus a split must occur. THe other two were pick scrapes and harmonic effects.

No Click For the Boys

The boys hated using click tracks.

Double Click For Drum Bridge

I backed way off from what Bill did on the bridge. Click hits on the snare instead of massive reverb hit. No Bill, no massiveness.

I Miss My Tambourine

It was wooden and lightweight and sounded great. No idea when I got rid of it, but it wads a poor decision.