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Life's Rich Pageant | 1986
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Final Mix

After spending a good deal of time on the bass and drums, I was able to concentrate on the big guitar sound Peter gets here. I didn’t come close - but did what I could without spending weeks fine-tuning the tone and layers. This would be a fun one to revisit if I get a few guitar amps with better recording gear down the line.

This is back to large numbers of layered tracks.

Final Tracks (23)

Vocals (6)

  • Main
  • Main Alt take used for effects track
  • Backing vocals - normal voice (2)
  • Backing vocals - falsetto (2)

Guitar (11)

  • Lead Rhythm Sustain
  • Lead Verse Fills
  • Lead Intro (2)
  • Lead Intro Hold Sustain into Vocals Patch
  • Bridge Lead
  • Bridge Picked
  • Bridge Pick Scrapes
  • Bridge Harmonics
  • Electric Guitar Crunch Throughout (2)

Rhythm (6)

  • Robot Drummer
  • Opening Drum Hit
  • Bass
  • Tambourine (MIDI)
  • Piano
  • Organ

Faithful Cover?

The bridge is the mnost changes here. All the other parts are pretty much close to the original.


  • Matching guitar tones is my biggest werakness

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