Walk Unafraid
Up | 1998
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Blank Page Song

This song is sequenced so straight forward. I was so surprised to see every chorus, verse and bridge to line up exactly on the expected. Every section is eight bars like clockwork. Each section alernated between two chords.

This is also the first song that stays almost exactly on a single bpm throughout the song. Its pretty obvious that this was recorded with all band members seprate from each other. Peter has said in interviews that they never played this song all together in a room before the studio version was complete. He just added the guitar and effects to the existing tracks.

This leaves a ton of room for creativity on this song. It would be nearly impossible to recreate Peter’s effects. Especially all the ebow parts. And I don’t have an e-bow. I’m considering a synth for those parts.

I’m also considering a “Mad Bread” arranged version. That would be one electric guitat, one acoustic, bass and electic fiddle. I’d probably leave in the robot drummer, but it would still be closer to what the band would do as a cover.

To start, I have a robot drummer set up. I’ll add electric rhythm and bass parts, then an acoustic rhythm track. I’ll see what I can do with the electric fiddle for some of the other effects on top. If Mad Bread ever does this, either we can have Adam on bass and me on Fiddle, or Adam on banjo and me on bass. Depending on who wahts to cover that effedts. I’d lead toward banjo on the eventual cover to get the rolling sond on the chorus.