Monster in the Mirror
Put Down the Duckie | 1990
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Time Out For Extra-Curricular Muppets

Andy’s birthday is in a week. I took some time to cover his favorite muppet song, Monster in the Mirror. This is the only one that can compete with Janet Jackson, INXS and Outkast for his favorites. And I only add Outkast since the first time I played ATLiens for him, he told me it was his favorite. Better than Black Cat and Kick.

I only gave two of the background monsters distinct names. “Iggy” is the high-pitched nasaly-voice. “Scuzzmuffin” is the deep voiced version of Grover. It’ll help me to keep them distinct to name them like this if I ever pull out the muppet monster chorus again.

New Ground

Not only is this my first muppet voice in the studio, but it’s my first track without a bass. The Saxaphone is really a midi bassoon. So I made sure to label the track “Saxamabob” to even it out.

I downloaded the free “Podolski” synth and used it for many sounds on this one. Especially at the end of the song over the last verrse and repeated choruses. By that time, I have the saxamabob, piano and bass synth on those low notes.

This was a great way to have another deadline forr creating a song. It was also a good refresher to set up vocal sessions for my wife and daughter as backup monsters. I hope Andy likes it!