You Are The Everything
Green | 1988
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Green Thoughts

So far in to this list and I finally get to both Green and the mandolin. I was born in ‘77 and was too young to really appreciate the IRS years. When Ifirst started listening to REM it was with Green.

Green will always hold a special place for me. It was my favorite album during their mid-period, pre-Up. An earlier version of this project might have included all of Green.

Time tends to fade my nostalgia. Green rarely hits the table when REM come up. Will likely hit less if I get a copy of HI-FI or Up on reissues.

Twenty In For The First Mandolin Track

The mandolin tracks here were some of Peter’s first major songs away from guitar. Along with the WB contract, you could feel their need to go in a new direction.

I’m still surprised that they are known as a mandolin sounding band when that was such a tiny sliver of their full career.

I borrowed a mandolin from Nate for a few days. It had a pickup, so I used that on one track with a room mic for blending.

It was my first time playing mandolin. After playing fiddle for so long, it was fairly easy to pick up the chords. Took a few listens to match the voicings and the lick on the chorus.

One ‘n Done

This one came together quick. No drums meant I could go with no click track. Its always an experiment to lose that since I know I’ll be off-rhythmwhen dubbing some tracks.

Furthermore, I would be building this entire song off the mandolin part instead of the bass. The bass kind of dances around the mandolin instead of leading into root tones.

Vocals came together quick as well. I sang that “Say, Say is Life” part 12 times each on four tracks in about 10 minutes. It was a lot.

Final Mix

I like it. Thirteen tracks - most of them doubling existing parts for a seprate effect track or panning. Not counting the doubled tracks, there are only eight parts in this arrangement.

Final Tracks (13)

Vocals (6)

  • Main (2)
  • Harmony Backup (2)
  • Backing vocals (2)

Other (7)

  • Mandolin (2)
  • Bass
  • NS Bass Bowed
  • Piano (2)
  • Accordian (Keyboard - Yamaha s80)

Faithful Cover?

Everything but the crickets


  • Mandolin is fun to play

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