Exhuming McCarthy
Document | 1987
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We Are the Robots

After messing around with drums for a while, I couldn’t help leaving the Robot 808 in throughout the song. The fills at the beginning made up well for the typewriter. Later on, it filled out some space that still felt missing on my version. Two robots.

Final Tracks (25)

Vocals (6)

  • Main vocal (2)
  • Backing Vocal (2)
  • Table of COntents
  • Book Burning

Guitar (8)

  • Electric Rhythm (2)
  • Electric Rhythm CRUNCH!
  • Lead Solo (2)
  • Bridge hits (3)

Drums (4)

  • Robot Drummer
  • Cymbal Fills
  • Robot 808
  • Robot COnga

Other (7)

  • Piano (2)
  • Organ
  • Bass
  • Saxamabob
  • Brass
  • McCarty Hearing Clip

Faithful Cover?

No and I don’t think this category matters much anymore. I don’t know exactly how “faithful” I should be on these. Reeally I just have to make the base tracks I can do with what I got. No more of this.


  • Can’t do something with a motown beat without overtaiking that robot. I had to reprogram most of the drums on this one.

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