Geek Out with Megan and Carin

New Podcast

Carin and Megan have been slowly working on this podcast over the past year. We recently released the promo and first episode. The rest of the six epiisode season will be released over the next few months.

I wrote the theme and all the transition music. I also produced and engineererd all the episodes. It was great to have an outliet like this for writing short themes. My only direction was to think 90’s “Saved by the Bell” and TGIF lineup.

We have two more episodes and I’m challenging myself to write an original transition theme in a different style for each episode. This builds up a library of original clips I can use for each episode. My hope is to start trolling Dre and Jeff by writing some “rejected” themes to their Nerd! podcast. As a producer in $$ of that venture, I feel I owe it to them.