Turn You Inside Out
Green | 1989
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Turning Inside Out

Lotsa vocals and messing with guitar sounds on this one. I’m really bored with the processed garageband guitars no matter what the settings. Could be the Fenders I’ve been using. I’ll have to try some different guitars through this setup to compare.

Sharp Guitar Mix

Listening back to this one, the guitars are still to sharp in the mix. I’m pretty happy with my playing by now, I’m now running into a “samieness” quality on multiple types of instruments. Unless I can spend time working on my own setup / sound, I’ll be limited to what comes out of that starcaster into Garageband processors for a while.

Vocal Improvements

I’ve been a lot more confident on the vocal parts on the last set of songs. I’ve certainly gained confidence in these takes. By now my vox recording process is laying down two full takes and compositing the best takes to the main track - leaving the “lesser” takes on a seprate track to blend in as needed for effects.

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