Living Well Is The Best Revenge
Accelerate | 2008
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This was another quick song to come together. I spent the first three days this week practiving the main riff on acounstic and electric. I almost went with a fingerpicked electric part for the recording. I’m much more accurate with the notes, but this really needs that pick attack.

I took the main rhythm guitar part and spread it across two tracks panned left and right. I used an alternate take as an effects track. There’s a high pass filter and a slow flanger on it. It’s up in the mix whenever the vocals are gone.

The vocals were supposed to be a quick scratch take. But I liked them so much, I decided to leave them alone as is. Kinda like how the original was recorded. Except I’m not Michael 8 ). Backgrounds were similarly one in done - well, two in done as there’s one for each ear.

Final Tracks (15)

Vocals (3)

  • Main vocal
  • Background Vocals (2)

Guitar (8)

  • Lead Riff, doubled (2)
  • Rhythm Guitar doubled (2)
  • Phantom effects guitar

Other Instruments (4)

  • Robot Drummer
  • Drum Punch-ins (MIDI)
  • Bass, doubled

Faithful Cover?

Somewhat. I substituted the effects track in for the organ. I also played the guitar part sloppy enough on the verses to make it not faithful.


  • I’ve learned how to control my breath and support myself at lot better on these loud vocals
  • Driving bass is a great workout

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