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Year of Change

2023 has ended up being a year of even more changes. The band lost another member just as we were getting shows started again as a trio. Adam is moving to Florida in a week, so no more banjo and one less singer.

Beyond that, our best friends moved to LA, I lost my job and my sister had to unexpectedly move in with us. On the positive, I started teaching guitar lessons and have been plaing a lot more acoustic.

Duo Arrangement

Since its down to me and Carl, I’m trying to arrange songs for the two of us. This is a first attempt at arranging a song for the new MB incarnation. It’s a half-step up from the original to use the open strings on the mandolin.

The guitar here is a simple travis picking on the barre chords. Nothing like Lindsey here. The entire melody is played on mandolin on two seprate tracks, hard-panned left and right.