Listen Final Mix

Almost Bread

This is a track that Nate and I were working on before he left for Maine. It was part of a series of demos for what would have been the next Mad Bread album.

This is a song we had been playing since Mark was in Chicago. It shows a more abstract direction that Nate was leaning into with his lyrics. We were debating how many new originals to put together vs. how many to re-record from the last live album.

Remote Recording

The good thing about working on this during the pandemic was that Nate and I established a way of working on songs remotely. He was back in town this past week. He hasn’t started recording more yet, but this will likely turn into somoehint on the next album project. Be it Mad Bread or be it a solo album for Nate.

Nate sent me raw acoustic rhythm and electric solo tracks with his vocals. There were some drum and bass parts I re-recorded, but the lead vocals and Nate’s guitars are what he sent over.

After recording drums and bass, I added lap steel, a clean lead guitar, organ and fiddle parts. It was a big step forward from working only REM covers last year. Losing Nate really took the metaphoric wind out of my music sails for a bit.