Pretty Persuasion
Reckoning | 1983
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Everyone Needs A Little Tremelo

Even without being able to geet the tone right, a little tremelo helped the pre-chorus guitar. I’m thinking of sneaking a bit of tremelo in every song in honor of monster.

Final Tracks (25)

Vocals (6)

  • Main vocal (2)
  • Backing Vocal (2)
  • Tertiary Vocal (2)

Guitar (15)

  • Bridge Growler (2)
  • Intro (3)
  • Rhythm (5)
  • Low Phaser Tone for Pre-Chorus muted (2)
  • Extra Jangle Control (2)

Other (4)

  • Full Kit
  • Reverb Snare
  • Bass (2)

Faithful Cover?

It would be an impossible task to completely recreate this beautiful mess.


  • More time goes a long way into getting the mixes and guitar tones right
  • A good vocal performance beats a closely matched one

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