Shaking Through
Murmur | 1983
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Back 2 Basics

It’s so neat hearing what a basic drum + bass + guitar + piano can sound like. The chord changes here are so straight-forward. Everything is either a major to relative minor pattern, or a V -> I resolving toward D.

I didn’t have to do nearly as much as I thought with the guitar part. Just arpeggiating the chords on an electric sounds oretty great. The piano part took a while longer - only because I had to program it out in MIDI, performing on the laptop keyboard and adjusting some notes. I really want to get my keyboard up here for these parts.

I’m not sure how much to fix the guitar part. It’s barely passable now - which is goodd since it’s two raw takes together. I’ll at least take a pass to build a good composite, then see how that sounds while mixing against vocals. If anything needs overdubbing, I can handle it then.