Shaking Through
Murmur | 1983
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On Key

After a few weeks, I’m definatly improving at keeping my vocals strong and on key. I have to remember all my old singing postures and breathing. It helps to get early scratch vocal takes once I have the rhythm recorded. It lets me hear what parts sound alright and what needs work on . That way, I can compare the next takes to the previous ones. I learn a little more about what works eavh time.

What is really working is the agressive EQ band dodging against the lead vocals. I can pull the vocals back much more and still have them come out. That seems to work for everything. I’m taking ~1k and ~2k bands for each instrument and pulling them down with a sharp Q. Then I listen to that track with the current mix and adjust the rest of the EQ.

Too Many Mes

With the backing vocals in, it was clear I will need something to make them a bit more distinct. To me, it really sounds like the same person on every part. To combat this, I’m bringing out different frequencies from each track, panning them hard right and left, and adding a shiton of reverb to them.


My daughter was singing this song all evening. These early REM songs are so catchy and melodic. Great to see her enjoying them too.