Shaking Through
Murmur | 1983
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Shaking Through Mix

I’m really unhappy with the guitar sound on this. But in the interest of doing one a week, I’m going to call this done. I really liked how the guitar sounds in the intro and outro sections. But the rhythm guitar part really sticks out in a bad way.

Vocals also sound lifeless at several parts. I’ll have to work on my vocal sound more. I eant to brighten it without going to a tinny sound, I alreay brought out too many high frequencies on tha backing vocals for disctinction. There has to be a better way to achieve the clarity I’m looking for.

Final Tracks (16)

Vocals (5 tracks)

  • Main Composite Lead + double
  • Trach for softening loud sections
  • 2 Softer harmonies

Instruments (11 tracks)

  • Piano (4 midi tracks)
  • Drums (programed and split between two tracks - cymbols / kick-snare)
  • Bass
  • 4 Jangle guitar tracks, composited together to create part

Faithful Cover?

Pretty much. I addded two higher piano parts at the end. The backing vocals are also a close approximation. Cuz they’re pretty tough to make out on the original. The drum part was especially close on this one. I’ll probably program all Bill’s parts for the IRS years as they were an even more important part of the arrangements at that time.


  • More attention is needed to guitar tone WRT blending
  • It is very possible to get a full-sounding piano performance on this laptop compputer with multiple tracks and some creativity

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