Sitting Still
Murmur | 1983
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Sitting Mix

Yep, that was a very quick cover. With nothing in the arrangement past bass, guitar, drums and vocals there’s not much to layer up. Guitar parts came through quick. Same with the vocals. This one is really in my range. I’mn also getting quicker at figuring out Peter’s guitar lines. It’s always around chords fretted up the neck while incorportating open strings.

I used the same vocal strategy as on I believe with my harmony parts spread throughout the stereo spectrum.

Final Tracks (17)

Vocals (6)

  • Main vocal composited
  • Main vocal doubled part
  • Background Vocals (4, panned across range)

Guitar (8)

  • Main Lead Jangle in Verse, doubled
  • Intro part, doubled
  • Rhythm Guitar on Verses
  • Rhythm Guitar on Pre-Chorus and Chorus
  • Rhythm Guitar on only Chorus
  • Rhythm Guitar on Bridge

Other Instruments (4)

  • Robot Drummer
  • Drum Punch-ins (MIDI)
  • Bass, oubled

Faithful Cover?

Ya. I could have experimented on this one, but the simpler early ones are so much fun to re-create.


  • I’m capable of producing one of these in a day given a few uninterrupted hours
  • This is in my sweet spot for vocal range
  • As a bass player, using the bass track to begin as the basis for the track is always a wise decision

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