Sweetness Follows
Automatic for the People | 1994
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Just One Automatic

Automatic might be REMs objectively best ablum, if that is a thing. For me, it sits at number six on the rankings. And that’s only a hair above “Monster”. Its because I tend to judge albums by album tracks over singles.

I’m not a fan of “Man on the Moon” or “Everybody Hurts”, despite respecting those songs. As a result I tend to skip over this album. Even ranking it below “Up”, which can rightfully be considered blasphemy by some fans.

“Sweetness” is the only representative from Automatic in the project. It’s both my favorite song on the album and seems interesting to cover. No drums, bowed bass, lotsa organ, possible dropped D tuning. If so, will be a good return to what I learned from “Sad Professor”