Sweetness Follows
Automatic for the People | 1994
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I was able to get some very decent sounding scratch tracks from ther bass and vocals here. Enough that I decided to use the practice ones and get on with the larger project. This is the one I’d come back to first if I decide to put some polish on these.

My dad just gave me his guitar today. He tried to learn guitar in his early 70s and can’t due to arthritis. On this song. I learned how to play lapsteel for this reason. It’s likely my fate to lose my hands, so I’m diversifying my instruments towards those with less fingerdexterity. Cheers to the tone bar!

Final Tracks (11)

  • Vocals (3)
  • Acoustic (2)
  • Guitar & heavy effects channels (3)
  • Bowed Bass (2) - split to control chorus
  • organ


  • listen hard to everything

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