This site is being converted from a dev project blog to a demo site for Mike Slater.
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  • Results of Self User Testing

    Re-evaluating the UI by using my own application.

  • UXmas

    Changing course from database specifics to using my own application.

  • A sidetrip into MEAN

    The more I play around with couch, the less I like it. This could be simply because databases and operations aren't my best skill. But I also can't find much beyond the main Apache documentation on couch.

  • Upkeepin and Couchin

    I upkeeped a couple of layout styles this weekend. Now crosstronica has a drawer UI. The pattern grid will be in the main area of the page. The user will be able to open and close the drawer to give the grid more room.

  • No more ng-controller attributes

    Time to get beyond database struggles. Couch is pretty tough to get a proper mental model for. After finishing the pallete GET and POST functionality, I'm going to take a DB break to...

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