This site is being converted from a dev project blog to a demo site for Mike Slater.
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  • Exploring javascrtipt multidimensional arrays

    The main data structure for Crosstronica will be the multidimensional grid array. It will create a matrix of color objects that form the pattern.

  • Defining the pattern grid object

    The last requirement I want to think about before laying some code to pavement is the actual pattern grid object. I've realized while writing these posts how much typing these...

  • Defining the app layout

    In my last post, I mention a "toolbox" area of the page without defining it. Let's do that now, especially since this should be a short post and it's family movie night tonight (Lego Movie, fourth viewing, Zoey's pick).

  • Defining the color pallete

    My first image for the color UI is a color picker. Like the color palete panel in Photoshop. I need a series amount of squares, one for each color in the full pallete.

  • jQuery to angular + requirements

    When I was only writing javascript in jQuery, I had a much different approach to front end web developent. Back then, I would write all the HTML and CSS for the site and add on javascript for UI later on.

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