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  • Conquering the DB?

    I'm a little bit further along with the database progress. Mongo turned out to be much easier to install than couch, even though it's more of a full "enterprise" solution.

  • Entering the DB foray

    I haven't added anything in a few days. Carin and I got to go on a short vacation to Geneva, IL. Mom and Dad came into town with GG to watch Zoey for the night.

  • Rethinking the grid HTML

    Instead of using a repeated div on the html view that shows the symbol of the current color as text, I had to pass all the information in through attributes.

  • The angular app structure

    As I promised myself, I got around to writing some code this weekend. Angular has proven to be a quick way of developing apps. That is, if enough of the structural decisions have been made beforehand.

  • My opinionated gulp / angular build

    I was quite the late bloomer when it came to learning build systems. In my defense, it was never really neseccary for the type of code I was writing.

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